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Saturday August 28 2010
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  • Snatch - heavy single
  • Clean & jerk - heavy single
  • Front squat - heavy single
  • Good morning - 3 x 10 light
  • Planks - front/side x 2 sets

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CW 2010-08-27
Snatch - heavy single
33lb x warmup, 63 x (power snatch, snatch) x2 73x1 83xmiss, x1, 93 x miss, x1, 98x1, 103xmiss.

Clean & jerk - heavy single
33lb x warm up, 83 x (power clean, clean + jerk) x2, 93x1 103x1 113x1 123xmiss(on clean), 123x1 133x1 143xfail. Couldn't stand up.

Front squat - heavy single
33x5x2 93x3 103x1 123x1 133x1 143x1 153x1

Good morning - 3 x 10 light 33x10 53x10x2

Planks - front/side x 2 sets - will do these tomorrow.
Thomas 2010-08-28

Snatch - warmup then I hit 79kg new PR so thanks again for great program. :)

Clean & jerk - warmup, then 120 kg this was 9kg more than last PR.

I was excited today after the lift but quickly realized I'm the only one in my gym that using the Olympic bumpers for for Olympic lifts. (sad face) seriously I've seen people do bench with them.

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