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Monday September 6 2010
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marcus 2010-09-06
Warm Up
2 min jump rope. 3x- 5 pull ups, 20 linge twists, 10 GHD sit ups, 10 Back extensions.
Snatch Progression 25# then 45#
Snatch 5x 75#

Snatch - 77% x 1 x 3 120#
Clean & jerk - 72% x 1 x 3 140#
Snatch pull - 95% (of snatch) x 3 x 3 170#
Snatch deadlift - 103% (of snatch) x 3 x 3 220#
Front squat - 78% x 3 x 5; follow each set immediately with 3 box jumps
185# and 33" box
marcus 2010-09-06
I just realized I was supposed to do FS but did HBBS! I am an idiot!
Gene 2010-09-06
What is the reason for box jumps after squats? My guess is that it ties explosive hip movement to squats in your brain, but I'd love to hear the official explanation. I'm not second guessing the training, simply curious!
Sam 2010-09-06
Did the workout yesterday since the gym is closed today.

Snatch 77% 50 kg , first pull was better, but I need to be more agressive under the bar.

Clean and Jerk 72% 63 kg, Jerk was a bit off

Snatch pull 70 kg

Snatch deadlift 80 kg (115%)

Front squat 85 kg and atleast a 30 inch box

Thanks Coach appreciate the programming. Looking foreward to a day off though
Greg Everett 2010-09-06
Gene - There's a more scientific answer out there, but I do it for a basic reason - forcing the legs to be explosive when fatigued at least theoretically trains better motor unit recruitment, but also it's a way to keep the body exposed to speed even during what will probably be a set of slower efforts.
Brad C. @ The Compound 2010-09-06
Snatch 185 x 1x3
C&J 230 x 1x3
Snatch Pull 230 x 3x3
Snatch Deadlift 250 x 3x3
Front Squat 275 x 3x5 with 37" box jumps x 3
Craig C. @ The Compound 2010-09-06
Snatch - 77% x 1 x 3 @ 175#
Clean & jerk - 72% x 1 x 3 @ 72#
Snatch pull - 95% x 3 x 3 @ 215# (230 for one set-oops)
Snatch deadlift - 103% x 3 x 3 235#
Front squat - 78% x 3 x 5 @ 285#; + 3 Box Jumps@24",30",37"x 3
Craig C. @ The Compound 2010-09-06
C&J weight should have said 230#
Nick 2013-09-09
Snatch nick 110#
Nik/Seth 95#
C&j nick 135#
Nik/Seth 125#
Snatch pull nick 100% 140#
Nik/Seth 100% 125#
Snatch Deadlift nick skipped for some reason
Nik/Seth 130#
Front squat + 24" box jump
Nick 175#
Nik/Seth 185#

Nick 1 mile run
Nick 2013-09-09
Nick and Seth 1 mile run also
Kayla 2014-05-10
So starting week 2 do you use start using percentages of the max you got on Saturday of week 1??
Steve Pan 2014-05-12
You will use the percentages off of your best. So if you set PRs on that last Saturday then you will go off of that number.
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