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Friday September 10 2010
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Laurie 2010-09-10
You guys are crazy strong!!
Marcus Herou 2010-09-10
Last saturdays 1RM

80kg snatch. Up to 70 with OK tech, after that it was all muscling, no squatting at all, all power.
However PR with 2,5kg.

Stopped at 105kg C&J since the owner of the gym dropped by. (Metal weights on weak floor hehe). No PR today.

Front Squat 115, failed first at both 110 & 115 then a friend of mine took 115 so I really had to give it a shot again and yup I could do 115.

Mentally exhausted with so many max-lifts over such a long time, hard to maintain good focus.

Really have to work with mobility.

CW 2010-09-10
Made up a mix of this Tuesday and Thursday:

Jerk - 33lb x 3 x 3, 63 x 3, 83 x 2, 103 x 1, 123 x 1, 133 x 1, 143 x 1, 153 x 1, 163 x Miss. 128lb x 2 x 3.

Mid Hang Snatch: 78lb x 3 x 3. MIssed last rep of last set forward. Tendency to arc bar away from body.

Mid Hang Clean: 118lb x 3 x 3. Rushed these and many were forward. Missed a few.

Overhead Squat 103 x 1, 93 x 2 x 2

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