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Saturday September 11 2010
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Mikkel Højlund 2010-09-11
Snatch: up to 64kg - new PR

C&J: up to 80kg - new PR (at least without press-out)

Back squat: up to 140kg

10 KB swings 32kg
10 Pull-ups (kipping)
Brad C. @ The Compound 2010-09-11
Snatch: 225. Tied PR. Missed it twice before so I didn't want to try for a new PR today. Happy with 225 for the moment. Goal this cycle is 240.

C&J: 275. Failed at 295 3 times. Old PR is 285, and my goal for this cycle is 315, so I have a lot of work to do.

Back Squat: 405. High bar and butt to ankles, which is different then I usually squat (low bar). I'm okay with 405 for now.

I used a 44# KB and pull ups were as follows: all 10 strict in the first round, 6 strict and 4 kipping in the second round, and 4 strict and 6 kipping in rounds three and four. Time was 6:33.
Craig C. @ The Compound 2010-09-11
Snatch - 205# (failed @ 225 x 4)
Clean & jerk- 315# (up 20# from last week, up 10# on best clean)
Back squat - 405#

4 sets:
10 1-Arm KB swing/arm @ 44#
10 pull-ups (rings)

strict each set till failure

CW 2010-09-11
Made up Monday's workout today, added some volume.

Snatch - 88lb x 1 x 5 missed the second one, didn't finish pull.

Clean and Jerk: 113lb x 1 x 5. Missed the third, made it up.

Sn Pull: 108lb x 3 x 3

Sn DL: 113lb x 3 x 3

Front Squat: 120lb x 3 x 5 with box jumps.

Some pull ups at the end.
Mark V 2010-09-11
Snatch - 190 lbs.
Clean and Jerk - 225 lbs.
HB Back Squat - 295 lbs.

PR on the snatch.
Gene 2010-09-11
Used today to practice warm-up attempts, and made 3 attempts like I'd do in competition.

Snatch (pr is 76) 70-75-79(miss)
I was feeling so good at 75 I tried to go big. I was very close, made 3 total attempts, but no quite there.

C&J (pr is 95) 90(miss)-90-96(PR)
I then attempted 101 for same reason and missed 1X.

Back Squat (PR is 270#) 275-280-285-290

Lesson learned: 1kg PR is better than a miss. Next time I'll be a bit more conservative, cause I probably could have snatched 77!
jongb 2010-12-05
How long have I been saying i need some snatch coaching?

SN-135 of course.
CJ- 195, missed 206
BS- 405

then metcon as rx'ed.
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