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Sunday September 12 2010
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Marcus Herou 2010-09-12
Hi. Simple question.

When performing something like
Clean & jerk - 77% x 1 x 3

How long should the rest be ? I mean it is such low weight so one could easily do all three in a row (even though it is not intended so). I feel something like max 2mins or just enough time to get my shit together again and do a concentrated fast/explosive lift.
Greg Everett 2010-09-12
Marcus - 2-3 minutes. If you feel like you can do 77% for a triple easily, you need to up the weights a bit.
Marcus Herou 2010-09-12

Sorry not meaning to be disrespectful. Just very used to intensity. Isabel (which I think you recon) is exactly done on 77% of my PR. I think my Snatch is a special case due to my strength vs lack of technique.

I get your pointer. Will focus on speed work, technique and recovery.
John 2010-09-14
Diane is looking jacked. Nice shirt Joc.

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