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Saturday September 18 2010
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  • Snatch - max for day
  • Clean & jerk - max for day
  • Front squat - max for day
  • Good morning - 3 x 10

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Craig C. @ The Compound 2010-09-18
Snatch - max for day @ 185# (failed several times at 210#)
Clean & jerk - max for day @ 275# (failed at 305#)

Wow, horrible training day today. Sluggish from poor diet yesterday and training so close to waking up i presume. Cut the training short, felt unproductive and shoulders hurt still from Snatch Push Presses
marcus 2010-09-18
Snatch max for day up to 155# failed 3x at 165#
Clean and Jerk 175# failed 2x at 185#
Front Squat 225#

Good Mornings 115#x10x3
CW 2010-09-18
Mediocre day.

Snatch: Worked to 108lb.

Clean and Jerk: Worked to 123lb. Missed 133 on the clean first, then the jerk.

Front Squat: 165lb - a PR long time in the works.

Good mornings 65lb x 10 x 3
Gene 2010-09-18
Looks like I'm the only one having a great day...

Snatch 70kg- misses at 75 and PR attempt at 77kg. Dropped to 50kg, then 55-60-65-70-75-77PR

C&J 90-95-99 PR attempt (cleaned it great and my 5 year old interrupted my jerk attempt, didn't make it)-101 (cleaned it, didn't get under bar fast enough)-101 PR

Front Squat (in lbs) 185-225-245PR-255(fail)

3 PR's is a great excuse for a pint of Ben & Jerry's I think!
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-09-18
Snatch-160# (2# short of PR, I'll take it)
C&J-207# (Failed 215#, current PR)
Front Squat-230#

All in all not a bad day and nutrition was solid this week, so we all rewarded our selves this Saturday by going to KFC & getting Double Downs (The Best thing ever to happen "Skinny Guys" everywhere). I keep eating these things and I don't think I'll be a 62kg much longer..lol
Brad C. @ The Compound 2010-09-18
Terrible Day:

Snatch: 220, missed at 230 three times
C&J: 275, missed at 295 three times

Cut it there since I didn't feel like I was doing myself any favors.
Thomas 2010-09-19
Not bad for me 175lb Sanch Failed 2x 185
C&J 270lbs Failed x1 285
Ft squat 315, I work with no spoters I had one of those O crap
moments on this one. LOL

jerod 2010-09-19
Snatch 165lbs
Clean & jerk 265lb
Front squat 335lb
Nick 2013-09-21
Snatch 1rm
Seth 135
C&j 1rm
Seth squat clean only
Seth left after these 2 exercises
Front squat 1rm
Good morning 3x10
5@95 25@65

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