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Tuesday September 21 2010
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marcus 2010-09-21
WU- 300m run, mobility work, snatch progression 25/45
muscle snatch 65x5
power snatch/ohs 5x85

Mid Hang PSn/mid hang sn
95x3 105x3 115x3

140x3 145x3 150x3

3:38 with 25# DB's and 40# sand bag
Craig C. @ The Compound 2010-09-21
•Mid-hang power snatch + mid-hang snatch -
55%x3 @ 135#, 60%x3@ 145#, 65%x3 @ 145#
•Jerk - 75% x 3 x 3 @ 245#

No metcon due to wierd impimgements in left elbow and right shoulder
Robert 2010-09-21
Questions about missing days. If I missed yesterday, do I just pick up today and forget about Monday. Or should I catch up at some point.

Greg Everett 2010-09-21
Robert - I would do Monday's workout today and skip today's.
Robert 2010-09-21
Thanks Greg,

CW 2010-09-21
Made some changes to today to prepare for a meet this Saturday.

Power Snatch + Snatch: 73lb x 2 sets, 83lb x 2 sets, 88lb x 1 set

Power Clean + Clean + Jerk: 103 x 2 sets, 113lb x 2 sets, 123lb x 1 set.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-09-21
P.Snatch + Snatch: 95#x3 105x3 115x3
Jerk: 170#x3x3

2:35 w/75# Barbell
Don't have heavy enough DBs
Nick 2013-09-24
Nick & Seth
25# db + 20# med ball round 1
25# db both 2-4
40# db + 20# med ball round 1
30# db both 2-4

Tabata abs 6 rounds each except t2b 3 rounds
Ab mat sit ups (Seth ghd)
Plank holds (Seth 50 sec)
Med ball sit ups 15#
Leg lifts (Seth 50 sec)
Michael K 2014-05-18
Are the percentages for the first movements based on max power snatch ... or on max snatch? -- Thanks. --
Steve Pan 2014-05-19
Should be off of your best snatch.
Paul 2014-08-13
Mid-hang power snatch + mid-hang snatch - 55%x3, 60%x3, 65%x3
Does this mean 3 sets or 3 reps per set?
e.g.55%x3 means, 3 sets of MH Power Sn + MH Sn at 55% (9 sets total with 60% and 65%)
55%x3 reps of MH Power Sn + MH Sn (6 reps total per set) (3 sets total with 60% and 65%)

Steve Pan 2014-08-13
Paul -

It should be 2+1. 2 power snatches and 1 snatch from mid thigh.
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