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Saturday September 25 2010
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Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-09-24
Had to do Saturday's lifts on Friday again, cause of another swim meet. Much better results this time though.

Snatch-165# (PR+3#)
C&J-215# (=PR,but was way easier this time. Should have gone for more.)
Bk. Squat-305# (=PR as well, Felt like I had 2 of these.)

Reward for a good day... 1 Quart of chocolate milk
marcus 2010-09-25
Snatch- 155#, failed 165x2
C&J- 190# PR
HBBS- 300# PR
Ran out of time for the SLDL. Had to take my son to football.
Things I'm happy about:
The 155# snatch felt solid, good catch, stood up pretty easily.
high elbows on the catch of C&J at 190, really reset myself mentally to nail the jerk.
HBBS felt great, good depth and solid on the way up.
Things I need to work on:
Confidence in the catch of the snatch, comes from more explosive third pull.
C&J- still need to get deeper in the jerk.
amy 2010-09-26
I am afraid of weight lifting because I am a woman and they said it has a negative side effect to woman. Is weight lifting applicable to all women?

CW 2010-09-27
Lifted at a meet this Saturday. Snatched 50kg, Clean and Jerked 68kg. Neither are PR's. Weighed in at 70kg, so was in the 75kg class. Fun to get some experience lifting at a meet. Messed up all the timing on my warm ups and attempts. Will go to another!
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