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Monday September 27 2010
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Paul Klein 2010-09-27

I follow the programming at OPT and I want to thank you for taking the time to add to the last OLY cycle. I made a lot of gains and learned a lot at the same time. Your input was priceless.

Hopefully the next time you are in the North Carolina area for a seminar I will be able to learn more from you.
Craig C. @ The Compound 2010-09-27
Snatch - 90-95% x 1 @ 205# (91% of 225#)
Clean & jerk - 90-95% x 1 @ 290# (90% of 320#)
•Front squat - 90% x 1 @ 335# (90% of 370#
marcus 2010-09-27
Snatch- 90-95%x1= 145#
C&J- 90-95%x1= 175#
Front Squat 90-95%x1= 205#
Thomas Rosander 2010-09-27
Snatch- 90%x1 60KG
C&J- 90%x1 81KG
FS- 95% 100KG

Crossfit Norrtaelje, Sweden.
Brad C. @ The Compound 2010-09-27
Snatch: 216x1
C&J: 275
No time for front squat work.
Mike McGoldrick 2010-09-27

Just wanted to thank you for the programming. I have been following the program for 4 weeks now and am ready to go. Looking forward to competing this weekend in Colorado.

Thanks again,

Mike McGoldrick
CrossFit Memphis - Faction Strength and Conditioning
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-09-27
Fr. Squat-220#

Felt good today, hope it continues for the rest of the week.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-09-27
Oh shit, I have that same PTW shirt. lol!
Gene 2010-09-27
Snatch 75kg
CJ 101 kg
No time for Front squats
Travis 2010-09-28
Woo, Alfred! That shirt is oldschool. Like, circa 2003. Got it when they were touring for You Come Before You. Shame they just broke up :(.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-09-29
Travis - Yeah dude, sucks about the break up. Seems like it's for good too. Chris lives out west now & Ryan moved away as well. The only one left around these parts is Jeff. I saw him recently & he doesn't seem to give any hope to the idea of them getting back together.
Nick 2013-09-30
Catalyst day 20
Snatch 90-95% x 1 (135#)
Clean & jerk 90-95% x 1 (170#)
Front squat 90% x 1 (210#)

Tabata abs
Med ball sit ups 15#
Plank holds
Abmat sit ups
Leg raises
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