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Wednesday September 29 2010
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Jerk dip
  • Snatch - 75-80% x 1 x 1-3
  • Clean & jerk - 75-80% x 1 x 1-2
  • Light ab work

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lisa 2010-09-29
This comment was very good for me bc I was having this problem n couldn't understand wht I was doing wrong...thank u!!!
Keep up the post
Craig C. @ The Compound 2010-09-29
Snatch - 75-80% x 1 @ 185#
Clean & jerk - 75-80% x 1 @ 275#
Light ab work- 3 x 10 GHD Situps
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-09-29
Snatch-135# x1x3
C&J-172# x1x2

Greg- I tried holding a 2 count at the bottom of the snatch like you wrote in the recent news letter. I've done that for every snatch so far this week & the results have been great. Thanks
JKG 2010-09-29
Thanks I was having a hard time figuring exactly how now to separate. This is a great cue
Gene 2010-09-29
Snatch 60 x 1 x 2
CJ 75 x 1x 2
Ab-roll, k2e, ghd x 10 each

Greg- cue on jerk is just what I need going into competition! I have seen videos of myself where the bar doesn't seem to come down with me on the dip, even when dipping slowly, firing the quads tonight kept the bar right where it needs to be!

Thanks again for the programming and coaching, I fly to Colorado tomorrow and will make bodyweight snatch attempts in my first weightlifting competition!
marcus 2010-09-30
Snatch 75-80%= 130x1x3

Skipped ab work due to time constraints

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