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Monday October 4 2010
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Daniel R. Larrow 2010-10-04
Snatch + hang power snatch + hang snatch - 50-60% x 5 sets @ 40kg Clean + hang power clean + jerk - 50-60% x 5 sets @ 60kg
Mike McGoldrick 2010-10-04

Thanks for the last cycle. I had my first competition this weekend in Colorado at the USAW/CrossFit meet. It was an absolute blast. Finished 3rd in the 94kg class with 247(108/139) total. Both are PR's. I felt fantastic! Thanks again for the programming!

Mike McGoldrick
CrossFit Memphis - Team Faction
Greg Everett 2010-10-04
Nice work Mike. You're only 17 kg away from qualifying for the American Open.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-10-04
Snatch + hang power snatch + hang snatch - 50-60% x 5 sets @ (1) 85#, (2-3)95#, (4-5)102#

Clean + hang power clean + jerk x 5 @ (1)110#, (2-3)120#, (3-4)132#

3 rounds;
15 GHD sit ups
15 Pull-ups
15 Burpees
DeeJay 2010-10-04
Greg, I'm looking at competing in a meet on November 20th and wanted to follow your programing. Will this 9 week cycle have a peaking phase anywhere near that date? Thanks,

DJ Wickham
OPT/CrossFit Calgary
Mike T. 2010-10-05
After a few months away I'm back in the gym and starting with this new cycle.

Snatch/Hang Power Snatch/Hang Snatch @ 60
Clean/Hang Power Clean/Jerk @ 80.

Looking forward to it!

Greg Everett 2010-10-05
DJ - It will peak Dec 4th. What I would suggest is going back through the archives and finding a cycle that you can time to hit Nov 20. I would suggest doing this one. It's 6 weeks including a transition week in the beginning, so if you start it on Monday the 11th, it will peak for Nov 20th.Congrats on your wedding.
DeeJay 2010-10-05
Thanks for both the advice and the well wishes. I will let you know how things go...

Take care.

Drew Canavero 2010-10-06
weights in #

snatch + hang power snatch + hang snatch - 121x1, 132x2, 143x2
clean + hang power clean + jerk - 154x1, 176x1, 198x3
GHD sit ups - 3x15
Jeff 2010-10-06
snatch complex: 87# (60% of 145#)
clean complex: 129# (60% of 215#)

3 rounds, 15 reps, untimed
GHD sit ups
good mornings (75#, 95#, 115#)
jongb 2010-10-25
Sn+HPS+HS at 76, 81, 87, 87, 87 lbs
Cl+HPC+Jerk at 135 x 5

Situps 3x25 on abmat, then some poor attempts at HSPU un-aided.
Mikkel H 2011-10-02
Hi Greg.

I am curios about the "snatch+hang power snatch+hang snatch"-combo of today. Is it all about speed in the last lift, or?

Greg Everett 2011-10-03
Mikkel - Speed and position. Reinforcing the timing of exploding high in the pull and forcing you to be more aggressive at the top by not only limiting the distance/time you have to accelerate the bar, but doing it while somewhat fatigued from the previous reps as well.
Mikkel H 2011-10-03
Thanks for your answer, Greg. It makes good sense and I tried it today. It worked out quite well! :)
Joseph Geletko 2013-04-22
Hey Mr. Everett,
Just started the 10x3 cycle, but I am unable to get into a facility on the weekends to train. What do you suggest I do for the fifth day of training? Should I just take out mid-week rest day or one of the training sessions so I can fit it in during the week? Thank you...Also, say hello to Patrick Kern for me please. He was a colleague of mine at Azusa Pacific and I've heard he is doing great things. Thanks again...

Greg Everett 2013-04-23
Joseph -

Drop Thursday and do Saturday's workout on Friday. If there are things on Thu that you need to work on, swap them w something on Tues that you don't need as much.
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