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Wednesday October 6 2010
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Simulated finish position
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Jeff 2010-10-05
I'm new to this programming. How should the plate be held for the standing plate twists (close to the chest, on the shoulders behind the head, arms extended out in front, doesn't matter)?
Greg Everett 2010-10-05
Jeff  -Hold the edges like a steering wheel at 3 and 9, elbows at your sides, forearms horizontal and straight forward.
Andrew 2010-10-06
I am new and was wondering do you right the sets or reps first?
Is it 3 sets of 4 reps or 3 reps with 4 sets. Thanks in advance.
Drew Canavero 2010-10-06
front squat - 297 lb
clean pull - 264 lb
clean DL - 297 lb
standing plate twist - 20 kg

+10 mins casual pace on airdyne
Brian Smith 2010-10-06

this will help with the WOD stuff:
Mike Maruffi 2010-10-06
Front squat - 125 kg
Clean pull - 115 kg
Clean deadlift - 130 kg

Standing plate twist - 25 kg
Jeff 2010-10-06
fs: 171.5# (70% 245#)
clean pull: 172# (80% 215#)
clean DL: 193.5# (90% 215#)

Cue to self: make sure to shrug before arms.

Clean DLs were probably done too dynamically and resembled clean shrugs. Came up on toes, so I'll have to be mindful of driving through with heels next time.

3 rounds, 10 reps, untimed:
plate twists: 25#, 35#, 45#
hip extensions, hands behind head, done 00X0 tempo
Mike T. 2010-10-07
FS: 105
Clean Pull: 110
Clean DL: 110

Plate Twists: 20kg.

Kept the DLs and the Pulls at the same weight. Probably could have moved up. Have been battling a pretty severe hip/butt discomfort/soreness. It doesn't hurt when I train but has been killing me after(walking/etc). The only relief seems to be reverse hypers and pvc rolling, so I kept weights low to try and work through it.

Hardest part for this workout, for me, was the plate twists.
jongb 2010-10-27
FS: 135, 155, 155, 155
Clean Pull: 155
Clean DL: 185
Plate Twists - 15, 20, 25kg

after a 20 min run at 8mph on treadmill
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