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Thursday October 7 2010
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Mike T. 2010-10-07
Any thoughts on how heavy we should go for the Chinese DB rows? Is it a percentage of barbell rows?

Jeff 2010-10-07
MS: 95# (66% of max snatch 145#)
OHS: 135# (69% of 195#)
stiff DL: 145#, 155#, 165#, 185#, 205#, 225# (40-62% of max DL 365#) I think I only did 3 of these reps correctly.

Chinese DB rows @ 45#
rope skips: ~120?, 98, 129

Rows felt like I was using too much arm and not enough back or scapular retraction. Must remember to keep elbow out to side rather than back.
HW 2010-10-07

Say you have someone with the goal of increasing C&J and Snatch to certain levels as a means of increasing explosive power for sport. Do you think the CA WOD is appropriate for a person who (1) has just completed a novice linear-progression powerlifting program (with regular power-cleaning and occasional snatching thrown in there) (2) is reasonably competent in the oly lifts but (3) has never done a true oly-focused program? Or do you think that faster progress would be made toward those goals if a beginner oly program were followed such as outlined in your book on olympic lifting?


Brian Smith 2010-10-07
Mike T:

I imagine these are similar to "kroc rows", and the thought is to go as heavy as possible. I've done then with DB weight of 40-50% of 1rm barbell row. At 15 reps, I imagine 50% would be a decent reference point.
Greg Everett 2010-10-07
HW - These workouts would be fine.
Greg Everett 2010-10-07
Mike/Brian - You will be able to go pretty heavy - 40-50% of 1RM BB row is a good starting range. I wouldn't equate them to directly with Krock rows, though, which are heavy to the point of allowing only a very partial ROM. These rows MUST be pulled to the absolute end range, even though there can be a bit of reaching with the body.
Drew Canavero 2010-10-07
muscle snatch - 143 lb
OHS - 253 lb
SLDL - 264 lb

-muscle snatch feels comparatively weak. need to improve my 3rd pull.
Mike T. 2010-10-08
Muscle Snatch: 50
OHS: 80
SLDL: 80

Chinese Rows: 75#, Jump Rope -- 7 minutes? Rows were broken after the first set, I think I went too high with the weight.

Hip/Butt still sore but felt a little better after more stretching/rolling, etc.
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