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Monday October 11 2010
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Joseph 2010-10-10
Coach What's the weight for the push press?
Jeff 2010-10-11
BS: 205 (implied max 273, last week I used an implied max of 294)
snatch pull: 130.5
snatch DL: 145
snatch PP: 155, 175, 185, 185, 185

Jerk blocks would have helped with snatch push presses, no?
Greg Everett 2010-10-11
Joseph - Feel out a weight if there is no prescription.
Greg Everett 2010-10-11
Jeff - Blocks would make it easier, but learn to bring the bar down.
Drew Canavero 2010-10-11
weight in #

squat - 337
snatch pull - 216
snatch DL - 240
snatch PP: 225

-squats felt light, pulls felt explosive.
Mike Maruffi 2010-10-11
Squats - 152 kg
Snatch pull - 95 kg
Snatch deadlift - 105 kg

ran out of time for snatch push press.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-10-11
Snatch Pull-155#
Snatch DL-170#
Snatch Push Press-145#

3 rounds;
400m run
21 GHD sit-up
12 Ring dip
CW 2010-10-11
Back squat - 75% x 3 x 10
155lb x 3 x 10. Hard. Working off a brand new 1RM for that percentage. 3 min rest between first 7 sets, then 4 min rest.

Snatch pull - 90% (of snatch) x 3 x 2
103lb x 3 x 2

Snatch deadlift - 100% (of snatch) x 3
113lb x 3

Snatch push press - 3 x 5
105lb x 5 x 3, difficult.
Brian V 2010-10-11
Squat 225#
Snatch Pull 165#
Deadlift 185#
PP 145#

Mike T. 2010-10-12
Missed today's workout --- used the day off to hike with the pup and some friends on the billy goat trail in great falls, MD. Kept a good pace for over an hour. Will add to today's workout (at least parts).
Rob S 2010-10-18
Squat 225#
Snatch Pull 165#
Snatch Deadlift 185#
Snatch Push Press 135#
Karl 2014-04-06
when it just * 3 is it 3 reps * 3? sorry cant find the answer
thank you
Steve Pan 2014-04-07
Karl -

The program help section has information on the notation.

75%x3x10 is 10 sets of 3 reps at 75%
Lee 2014-07-13
What is you recommended rest between sets of the 10 x 3 reps squats?
does this squat program encourage hypertrophy or is it good for maintaining weight?

How long do you usually finish a training session with 10 sets of squats?

Steve Pan 2014-07-14
2-3 minutes rest between sets should be sufficient. You should maintain weight on this cycle possibly a bit of hypertrophy (if you're lucky). These sessions can take 1-2 hours depending on how you are moving through them.
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