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Thursday October 14 2010
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  • Power clean - (60%x1, 65%x1, 70%x1) x 3
  • Overhead squat - max for the day
4 sets; no rest:
15 DB muscle snatch
15 pull-ups

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Jeff 2010-10-13
Is the percentage based on max clean or max power clean?
Greg Everett 2010-10-13
Off power clean
Ben M. 2010-10-13
Suggested load for DB MSn?

Thank you for the programming Coach Everett, seeing great results!
Greg Everett 2010-10-14
Ben - Feel out something that will allow you to do all 15 reps consecutively in at least the first 2 sets.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-10-14
Pwr. Clean-135#,145#,155#
OHS-205#,210# (Failed 225#, I know I can squat the weight, I just have to get better at the rack jerk.)

CW 2010-10-14
Power clean - (60%x1, 65%x1, 70%x1) x 3
98lb, 108lb, 113lb,

Overhead squat - max for the day
Hit 143lb. Might be PR, have to check.

Pull ups tomorrow.
Brian V 2010-10-14
PC - 135, 145, 155#
OHS - 215#

Forgot my Oly shoes and had to lift in Inov-8s
Steve S. 2010-10-15
Power Clean (135#x1; 155#x1; 165#x1)x3
Max OHS - 195#

195 felt really solid on the OHS and I probably could have gone a fair but higher, but a foot injury is limiting me right now.
Mike t. 2010-10-15
Missed today's workout as my sister came into town. Am gonna knock it out Friday.
Jeff 2010-10-15
Did this a day late.

PC: 111, 120.5, 130
OHS: 195 (PR tie)

PCs felt light. Felt like I could have gone for new OHS PR, but I failed my only attempt and ran out of time.

30 in plates on my adjustable DB handles (estimated 4-5# each along with collars). Maybe go lighter next time? Felt like I was pressing out a lot of reps and over-extending my back.

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