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Tuesday October 19 2010
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CW 2010-10-19

If I missed yesterday's Snatch pulls and deadlifts, should I make them up today? Do you generally recommend making up missed parts of workouts or letting it go?

Mike T. 2010-10-19
Catching up today so I'm planning on doing the power snatches from the block. When I snatched up the other day I wasn't finishing my second/third pull and missed out front. Need to work on that.

Also -- interesting read: Paleo diet likely to have included grains.

Greg Everett 2010-10-19
CW - If possible it's good to make them up; just try to keep it reasonable and don't end up doing 4-hour sessions.
Steve S. 2010-10-19
Power Snatch - (115#; 120#; 130#) x3
Jerk - 195# - I'm forced to power jerk because my foot won't support the split position still.

3 rounds
5 Snatch PP - 135#
10 DB Chainsaw Rows (24kg)
15 Hanging Leg Raise
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-10-19
Pwr. Snatch-105#,110#,120#

3 sets;
5 Snatch P.Press - 120# (i f-ing hate bringing those down)
10 Chainsaw Row - 32 kg
15 Hanging Leg Raise
CW 2010-10-19
Thanks for the advice, Greg.

Power snatch - (60% x 1, 65% x 1, 70% x 1) x 3
68lb, 73, 78lb.

Snatch pull - 93% (of snatch) x 3 x 2
108lb x 3 x 2

Snatch deadlift - 103% x 3 x 1
123lb x 3

Jerk - heavy single
Worked to 153lb, left elbow was soft. No time to try again.

3 sets:
5 snatch push press - 70% - used 103lb.
10 DB chainsaw rows - used 25lb for first set, then 30lb.
15 Hanging leg raises - skipped these on third round, no time.
Jeff 2010-10-19
power snatch: 70, 75, 80.5
jerk: 195, two failed attempts at 205

scaled to 66% (135/205)
2 pood KB
total time 7:58
Rob Sheldon 2010-10-19
PS: 95, 115, 135#
Jerk: 225#

45# D-bell
total time 6 minutes
Brian V 2010-10-19
PS 110, 120, 130#
Jerk 230#

Did deadlift challenge, harder than I thought. 2:35
Mike T. 2010-10-20
Power snatch (60, 65,70). Performed from the blocks.
Jerk (125). Up five kilos from a week ago.
Squat (120) 3x10. Felt it strong on the last sets.

Metcon w/70# DB. lost time.
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