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Wednesday October 20 2010
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Prime Time 2010-10-19
Steve s. 2010-10-20
Front Squat - 180#x3x10
Clean Pulls - 205#x3x2
Clean DL - 225#x3

GHD Situps - 32; 25; 24
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-10-20
Clean Pull-205#
Clean DL-227#

3 sets no rest,
2:00 on the C2 & then, (monitor is broken)
15-12-9 for time of;
GHD Sit-ups
Box Jump (24")

1. 2:41 (not including 2:00 on the C2)
2. 2:51
3. 2:38
CW 2010-10-20
Front squat - 75% x 3 x 10
125lb x 3 x 10

Clean pull - 93% (of clean) x 3 x 2
143lb x 3 x 2

Clean deadlift - 103% (of clean) x 3 x 1
158lb x 3

Sit-ups - 3 x max
25, 17, 15
Jeff 2010-10-20
10 rounds:
3 x FS @ 185#
3 x close grip bench press @ 185#
7 x ring rows, feet on 24" box, "one and a half" (modification of exercise from Neanderthal No More, Part V)

clean pull: 200#
clean DL: 221.5#

sit ups: 3 sets of/capped at 50, AbMat, soles together, no arm momentum

I recently dropped the # following my numbers, but realized perhaps I should add them back in, lest someone mistake me for someone who can actually lift.
Mike T 2010-10-21
Front Squat: 110
Clean Pull: 120
Clean DL: 130

Sit Ups: Did three sets of 25 on an ab mat.
Rob Sheldon 2010-10-23
FS: 185#
Clean Pull: 185
Clean Dead: 205

BS: 105#
CP: 65
CD: 85

we didn't do situps, we did one round of the metcon at our box
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