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Monday November 1 2010
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Steve S. 2010-11-01
BS - 230#
Snatch Pull - 155#
Snatch DL - 185#

Took the weight down on the snatch pull to work on speed. I'm slow.
Matt Foreman 2010-11-01
Awesome picture on the cover. That gal is stacked.
Steve W 2010-11-01
How long should we rest between sets?
Greg Everett 2010-11-01
Steve - Basically as long as you need between squat sets - as much as 5-8 minutes.
Jeff 2010-11-01
10 rounds
3 x BS @ 231#
3 x 1-arm push up, straddle, each side
1 x 1-arm pull up negative, each side
Timekeeping has diminished relevance here since there were so many interruptions.

snatch pull: 162#

Forgot snatch DL, so I'll do them tomorrow.
Mike T. 2010-11-02
Took the day off to rest the hip. Feels better. Hope to lift this PM.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-11-02
Bk.Squat-257# (Kicked my ass)

3 sets;
5 Pwr. Clean 135#
10 Pull-ups (butterfly)
15 GHD sit up
Krista :) 2010-11-02
BS 140
Sn Pull 85
Sn DL 135
Rob Sheldon 2010-11-02
BS: 255
SN Pull: 185
SN DL: 225
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