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Wednesday November 3 2010
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Dennis Cheatham 2010-11-03
Nice job on the site!
Steve S. 2010-11-03
FS - 195#x3x10
Clean Pull - 195#x3x2
Clean DL - 235#x3
Joseph 2010-11-03
Love the new design. Easier to move through.
keith fine 2010-11-03
Love the new look
Cuban 2010-11-03
Awesome pic Primetime.
Rob Sheldon 2010-11-03
Had to do yesterdays and today's all at the same time, so we skipped the metcon.

PS: 125 x 3 (no wave)
Jerk: 225
FS: 7 sets x 195, 195 x 9 reps
CP: 205
CD: 235


PS: 65 x 3 (no wave)
Jerk: 105
FS: 5 sets x 105 (knee was hurting)
CP: 95
CD: 145
Jeff 2010-11-04
10 rounds
3 x FS @ 200#
MU + (3 x ring HSPU)
3 x inverted rows
Didn't bother timing this. Lifts getting slow and heavy and I'm feeling sorta burnt out these past two days.

CP: 211# (barely more than a shrug)
CDL: 233#
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