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Friday November 5 2010
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Jon 2010-11-05
Hi Greg!

I'm currently following this cycle, only I'm a week behind. I was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding technique?

Here are two videos of some C&J and snatches respectively.


I think my biggest problem is trying to focus on too many things at once, and I could use some help.

Thanks for a great program!

Greg Everett 2010-11-08
Jon - A few quick things for you to work on:Snatch - Instead of shifting your body into the bar as you move it off the floor, move the bar back to you. Immediately get a bit more toward your heels and stay back there all the way to the top of your extension. You look very stiff at the top of the pull as well - relax your arms and don't worry so much about shrugging. As you pull under, you need to make more of an effort to get your elbows out to the sides and as high as possible - the bar is moving out away from you too much (which is in part caused from your forward balance from the start). Finally, your overhead position could be improved - retract your shoulder blades completely and keep your head neutral or even push forward slightly rather than shrugging your shoulders up.Clean - see about on moving into the bar. Work on changing directions at the top faster.Jerk - Keep your weight farther back over the heels throughout the dip and drive. I would also like to see your elbows lower and wider and the bar more in your hands - do this without moving the bar from a secure placement on your shoulders. And of course, more speed up and under.All in all, though, very good lifts. Keep it up.
Jon 2010-11-08
Thank you very much Greg, I really appreciate you taking your time and I'll start working on it ASAP! One last question, given my technique would you advice that I follow the load prescriptions or should I go lighter? Thanks again.

Greg Everett 2010-11-08
Jon - You should be fine with the prescribed loading, just make those things your focus, even on warm-up sets.
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