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Monday November 8 2010
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Steve S. 2010-11-08
BS - 236.5#
Snatch Pull - 185#
Snatch DL - 205#

Question: I've been travelling a lot lately on the weekends, so I've been unable to do the heavy/max day. I feel like I've been making some decent progress on this cycle, so I would like to see if my respective max lifts have increased. Where, if at all, should I try and fit in the heavy day if I would like to continue with the heavy squatting? Thanks.
Greg Everett 2010-11-08
Steve - If you can train Fridays, you can try doing it then - you may need to back off a bit on Thursday's work to get much from it, though.
Laurie 2010-11-08
Great job to those that competed yesterday!!
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-11-08
Bk. Squat-265#
Snatch Pull-170#
Snatch DL-187#
Rob Sheldon 2010-11-08
BS: 265#
Sn Pull: 185
Sn Dead: 225


BS: 155#
Sn Pull: 95
Sn Dead: 135

We didn't have much time, and we actually knocked out the whole WoD in just under 30 minutes! I'm feeling it now though!
Bill Lawson 2010-11-08
Hi Greg,

I bought your book about a month ago. A great read, I continue to learn new stuff everyday. A quick question, I am doing the strength and power program in the book. Should I be using straps for 3 pos. snatch and power snatch+2snatch? I cannot do the power snatch and then go right into the regular snatch w/o resetting my hook grip. Will it hurt to use the straps? Thanks in advance!
Jeff 2010-11-08
BS: 236.5#
Did first 5 sets on 2 minute intervals, last 5 sets on 90 second intervals. Will make up snatch pulls and snatch deadlifts tomorrow.
Steve W 2010-11-08
first day with program so only 8 sets. Starting with week 4.

BS 365lbs
snatch pulls 180
snatch deads 205

Got my weightlifting DVD Saturday. Thanks!
Mike T. 2010-11-09
BS: 130 (not quite 86%)
SN Pull: 100
SN Dead: 110
Greg Everett 2010-11-09
Bill-When doing snatch combination lifts such as 3 pos. snatches and power snatch + 2 snatch, it will not hurt to use straps.  Straps are also encouraged for snatch and clean pulls.  Just remember not to use straps when doing any lifts involving cleans.
Jojo 2010-11-09
Hey guys, I'm loving the program! Thank you!

BS 225
Sn Pulls 145
Sn DL 160

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