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Thursday November 11 2010
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KEITH FINE 2010-11-10
should my % be that of my power clean or clean?
Steve S. 2010-11-11
Power Clean - 155#, 165#, 17#
OHS - 185#, could have gone heavier but ran out of time this morning. Might go at it again this evening.
Greg Everett 2010-11-11
Keith-Your percentage will be based off of your best power clean.
Mike T 2010-11-11
Power Clean: 95
OHS: 120 (failed on 130)

Metcon: 3:46 with 1 pood.
Keith Fine 2010-11-11
Power Clean- 105#,115#,120#
Jeff 2010-11-11
PC: 130#, 140#, 150#

1.5 pood
Didn't put the bell down, but it wasn't exactly unbroken.

OHS: worked up to 180#, but dilly-dallied too much and ran out of time. Maybe I'll take another stab at it tomorrow.
Jojo 2010-11-12
PC: 135#, 145#, 155#
OHS: 175# (20# PR.. yesss!!)
Metcon: 4:02 1 pd (I didn't quite go for the speed on this, worked on form.. still trying to smoothen out my KB press to not bang it on my arm..)
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