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Friday November 12 2010
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Nick P 2010-11-12
Good Lord,

This video couldn't be more appropriate for me right now. I am still re-habing my dislocation I did in JULY!. I still cant get in a pain free snatch.

The good news is I can do pullups again. But crap!

Lessons to do the annoying little shoulder girldle strength excercises. Everything is important. Not just the big muscles.
ek 2010-11-12
great video! what's considered doing this routine "too much?"
Ben M 2010-11-12
Really liked the video.

I assume the last exercise is to target the lower traps. If so, then the "thumbs together" position has "no added muscular benefit, only more room for error and compensation" according to Nick Tumminello. He prefers the "Y" position.


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