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Saturday November 13 2010
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Armando 2010-11-13
Hey Greg,
Your program has worked miracles on my lifts. Ive gained 30lbs on my C&J (205-35) and 20lbs on my Sntch (145-65) in 4mo. BUT, heres my dilema- lately (last 6 weeks) i havent been hitting any of my lifts. I began using a belt and my lifts felt much easier- i was able to maintain tightness at the bottom of the movement like never before. the problem is i think doing so i have weakened the abdominal strength that was further enhanced by the belt. should i continue using it while i train?
Jojo 2010-11-13
SN 90%: 135#
CNJ 90%: 175#
BS 90%: 245#
SLDL 3x5: 245#
Jeff 2010-11-13
reverse order
BS: 250# (90%)
C&J: 195#
S: 155#
SLDL: 245#
Greg Everett 2010-11-14

I recommend keeping belt use to cleans/jerks and squats about 85% or so only, and only as needed. If you wear a belt all the time, yes, the demand for trunk strength will diminish, but wearing a belt on heavier lifts won't hurt you. Keep dong trunk strength work along with the rest of your training and you'll be fine.
Miket 2010-11-14
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-11-14
Snatch-90% (155#)
C&J-93% (205#)
Bk.Squat-80% (245#)

3 sets, no rest;
200m Run & then
3 rounds of;
8 T2B

Rob Sheldon 2010-11-15
Snatch 155
C&J 205
SLDL 275
Back Squat 255


Snatch 75
C&J 85
SLDL 125
Back Squat 135
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