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Monday November 15 2010
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Steve S. 2010-11-15
On Sunday, I made up Saturday's workout:
Snatch - 165#
C&J - 205#
Skipped BS because of the high volume today
SLDL - 235#, 245#, 255#

BS - 242#x2x8
Hang Power Snatch - 95#x3x2; 105#x3x2 - my legs were dead so heavy snatch pulls and snatch DL weren't happening today.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-11-15
I have to work a swim meet this Fri-Sun with prelims and finals each day, so no shot at getting into the gym this weekend. I really don't want to miss Saturday's Fr Squat Max though. So, I'm moving stuff around to try and do Sat's lifts on Thur.

Fr.Sqaut-86%x2x6 (215#)
Snatch Pull-175#
Snatch DL-190#

3 sets, for time;
3 KB Snatch/arm (32kg)
5 KB OHS/arm
15 T2B
no rest
Jeff 2010-11-15
8 rounds:
2 x BS @ 242#
5 x KB press @ 2 x 1.5 pood
2 x wtd pull/chin up @ 2 pood

SP: 175#
SDL: 190.5#
Rob Sheldon 2010-11-15
Back Squat 275
Snatch Pull 195
Snatch DL 235

Back Squat 160
Snatch Pull 100
Snatch DL 145
Tyler Scott 2010-11-16
Back Squat: 310
Snatch Pull: 170
Snatch Deadlift: 185
Jojo 2010-11-17
BS x2x8: 235
SnP: 150
SnDl: 165
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