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Thursday November 18 2010
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  • Clean - 60% x 1 x 5; 1 min rest
  • Snatch balance - heavy single
3 sets; no rest:
10 KB swing
5 box jumps; mid-thigh+
10 sandbag bent row

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Tyler Scott 2010-11-18
Clean: 145
Snatch Balance: never really worked with snatch balance before so mostly worked on formused 135 for a few sets

Steve S. 2010-11-18
Clean - 135#
Snatch Balance (no heave) - 125#

3 rounds/no rest:
10 KB Swings (32kg)
5 box jumps
10 row/arm (32kg) - we don't have sandbags

Jojo 2010-11-18
Cleans: 135#
1RM Snatch Balance: 175# (10# PR baby!!)
Metcon using 75# bar cuz of no sandbag: 3:47
Jojo 2010-11-18
Btw, I used a 2 pd KB. tWas great!
Natalie B 2010-11-18
That was one of the most impressive videos I've ever seen.
Jeff 2010-11-18
clean 130#
SB 150#

80# KB
32+" jumps
75# sandbag
Forgot my time. Maybe 6:34?
Jeff 2010-11-20
My rows did not start off the floor.
Rob Sheldon 2010-11-20
I pulled something in my upper neck on Wednesday, taking a little time off

Clean 70
SN Balance 85, Heaving SN Balance 105
along w/ other snatch work in Oly class
3:19 w/ 12kb, 20" box, and 30# sb

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