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Friday December 3 2010
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Diane snatch
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John 2010-12-03
Hey Coaches,

What do you all suggest for someone who jumps backwards under heavier loads for the Oly lifts and as such has muted hip ext on the second pull? Also disrupts footwork
Greg Everett 2010-12-03
John - I would want more details to really give you a good answer such as: 1) how far backward, 2) are you really jumping backward, or are you and the bar staying in the same place and your feet are just moving backward, 3) what exactly do you mean by "muted" hip extension, and 4) disrupts your footwork in what way?Feel free to post that stuff and/or a video here or email to ask@cathletics.com - I will answer briefly here, but I will answer in far more depth later in the Ask Greg / Ask Aimee deal.First, take care of your extension - this may be the source of everything you're talking about. The first thing I would try is very simple: perform some snatch/clean deadlift + snatch/clean complexes. On the deadlift, focus on maintaining correct balance over the feet throughout (a bit more on the heel), and emphasize the finish position - bar against the body, hips slightly hyperextended through the contraction of the glutes. Really feel this position - don't rush it or half-ass it. Bring the bar down, reset, and snatch/clean. You can also try a deadlift + pull + snatch/clean, but you have to make sure you're executing the pull properly - much easier to stick with the DL for a while since it's harder to mess up. Give that a shot and see what happens.
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