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Saturday December 4 2010
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Aimee prep
  • Back squat - max
  • Deadlift - max
Don't expect big numbers in the deadlift today - you should be tired after the squats.

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Keith Fine 2010-12-04
Back Squat 300#
DL 375# (PR 415#)

4.3% BF
Jeff 2010-12-05
A day late
BS: 275# (PR tie)
DL: 350# (PR 365#)

PR prior to cycle/during this cycle
snatch: 145#/175#
C&J: 215# ("ground to overhead")/205# (no attempts above 205# this cycle)
jerk: 215# ("ground to overhead"/press to lockout)/220#
high-bar BS: 255# (triple)/275#
OHS: 195#/215#
snatch PP: 205#/215#
snatch balance: 155# (more like snatch-grip push jerk)/150# (drop snatch)

Thanks, Greg!
Going back to CF main site for a little bit to restore my conditioning, but looking forward to another cycle in the future!

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