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Monday December 6 2010
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Greg back squat
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joseph 2010-12-05
please provide some info on the jerk dip squat. is this basically a jerk with and ohs done after?
Schon 2010-12-05
Why does the "order" of sets and reps have to change? Why isn't it kept the same? Just wondering.

"REMEMBER if there is no weight, A x B = sets x reps; if there is a weight, it is written weight x reps x sets."

Thank You
Greg Everett 2010-12-05
Joseph - Check the exercises section. Jerk dip squat is here.
Greg Everett 2010-12-05
Schon - Just to make it as confusing as possible. It is a habit of mine (you can blame Mike Burgener), and I don't feel like changing it because it makes perfect sense to me. Once you're used to it, it won't be so irritating. But that's why I try to make those notes whenever necessary.
Brian 2010-12-06

Wouldn't the Jerk Dip Squat be more effective as an explosive exercise?

I read a russian book that outlined an exercise of jumping with 50% bodyweight (similar to a "jerk drive" I guess) and it found that those who could jump higher had a higher jerk, even if others had a stronger squat.
Steve S. 2010-12-06
I'm really looking forward to this cycle. I need some good positional work.

Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch - 95#, 95#, 115#
Push Press + Neck Jerk + Jerk - 115#; 115#; 115#
Jerk Dip Squat - 205#; 215#; 225#

Back Ext. - 45# plate
Planks - 45# plate
Greg Everett 2010-12-06
Brian -

More effective for what? To improve the drive of the jerk, yes. But that's not the purpose of the exercise; a jerk dip squat is to develop strength and position. With an athlete who has an inconsistent or improper dip position/movement, adding speed to it just reinforces the problem rather than helping to correct it. In this case, my goal is to practice and strengthen correct positioning, not improve explosiveness.

Jerk drives are great in theory, but I've never seen anyone be able to perform them without pushing the bar forward considerably. This is not a habit I want to encourage. It's also pretty rough on the body to bring the weight back down. You can do them on jerk blocks, but there is the same problem - people will push the bar forward or jump their bodies backward every time; if you try to just drop out from under the bar as it comes back down, you're going to chin check yourself. So then people, consciously or not, cut the drive short to prevent killing themselves, and then they're just training that - not finishing the drive of their jerks.

The best option in my opinion is to do a jumping quarter squat from top or bottom depending on what exactly you want to work on. Bar on traps like a back squat. In a power rack or on jerk blocks. I believe there is a video of this on the site under "jumping squat". If you're working on the jerk specifically, set the start position with an upright torso and knees forward rather than more of a squat position. These can be done light to extremely heavy and there are no problems preventing correct execution at any weight.

Regarding the book, that those athletes who had higher jumps were better jerkers doesn't mean the exercise was responsible; the exercise was, just like the jerk, an opportunity to demonstrate that particular athletic quality. Not to say that it couldn't help, but it's easy to attribute success to things like that when they're not necessarily responsible.
Brian 2010-12-06
Greg - understood, the point of that exercise makes a lot of sense now, and I imagine is probably very effective for establishing position.

The exercise I was calling the "jerk drive" was what you described: a jerk dip jump squat w/ bar across traps.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-12-06
Pwr. Snatch + OHS + Snatch (105#,110#,115#)
P.Press + Neck Jerk + Jerk (115#,135#,155#)
Jerk Dip Squat (215#,225#,235#)

The 5 sec hold in the split worked great for me! I've been slightly pigeon toed since I was a kid & I have found that it affects the way in which my feet land (especially the front) in the split. Holding, forced me to place more emphasis on how my feet land. Do you have any other suggestions for working on this issue?
Greg Everett 2010-12-06
Alfred - Glad you feel like it will help. My question regarding your being pigeon-toed would be, What is the source? Ankles, knees, hips, somewhere in between? If it's coming from tight hip internal rotators, I would of course suggest some stretching, and things like pausing in the correct position (adjusting to a correct position if you don't initially land in one). If it's an anatomical deal in a joint or say some twisting in the lower leg, I would let it be - if that's normal alignment for you, don't mess with it or you're just going to place strain on a joint somewhere along the line.
Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-12-06
Greg -
I think I'll leave it be. It's not a tightness issue (I'm freakin' gumby). I think it's more of an alignment issue. The internal rotation has always been there, and has actually improved with age (no thanks to an ugly pair of orthopedic shoes as a child). I guess I'm just being anal and wanting everything to "look" perfect or just worried if it can affect stability.

Brett 2010-12-06
Warm-up series was good fun with 75# ~38% of snatch(felt like I needed some warm-up to the warm-up though)

Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch 135#, ~69% of snatch(felt like I went a bit heavy for 1st day, but managed)

Push press + back jerk + jerk 135# ~51% of jerk/~69% of push press (landing seems to fall to my right side on back-rack jerk split and wind up pulling left/front foot in and right, but solid from front rack and liked practicing the hold)

Jerk Dip Squat - 3 x 3 @225#, felt slow for a dip-drive movement, but read comments above and kind of get it.
KEITH FINE 2010-12-06
Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch 65#,70#,75#,
Push press + back jerk + jerk 75#,85#,95#
Jerk Dip Squat 95#,115#,145#

Keep it kinda light today just to work on my positioning and give my legs a rest after Saturdays workout
AC 2010-12-06
(weight in #)
Warm-up: 65-85
Power Snatch/OHS/Snatch: 175, 175, 175
-tough for me mentally to do power snatch and snatch together
Got challenged by a buddy and didn't get to finish. Better luck tomorrow.
Nate 2010-12-06
I started the website programming today. I seem to have very poor shoulder flexibility, especially from the behind the neck position. For movements like the Sots press should I work with PVC's in the warm-ups or should I do the first movements heavier and the work independently on flexibility? I just came off 6 months of straight forward 5/3/1 with Wendler's accessory work and some CrossFit type WODs. I don't want to lose a bunch of strength but I am willing to if my lifting will improve.
Greg Everett 2010-12-06
Nate -

Get super aggressive with shoulder and scapular mobility work before and after training and at every other spare moment you have. Do the warm-up series as written with PVC if necessary first, then hit it again with some light weight, dropping the element that's limiting you (or better, replace the Sots press with snatch push press or snatch balance). In any case, that won't affect the weight you're using for the pulling and squatting.
Erik V @ BCF 2012-02-08
Power Snatch/OHS/Snatch: 115, 125, 140
Push Press + Back Jerk + Jerk 145, 165, 175
Jerk Dip Squat 225, 245, 275

This is my first try on this type of workout and it felt pretty good. Combining a power snatch and a snatch in the same movement was challenging mentally, but doable. I will definatley up my weights in the future. Still feeling it all out.
Ben K 2012-05-08
W/U series - 55#
PS + OHS + S- 125#
PJ+ Rack Jerk + Jerk- 140#
Jerk dip squat- 215#, 235#, 235#

XT x 10
Side/Side/Front Plank x :15s
40# vest; 40# vest + 10# db

Realized after the purpose of the jerk dip squat, will do it slow and controlled next time
PP limited on the PP+RJ+J sequence
Zev 2013-10-26
Could you add additional squatting to this cycle?
Steve Pan 2013-10-31
I would not suggest adding additional squatting.
Zev 2013-11-03
got it thanks Steve
Toby 2014-03-30
What percentages would you advise for this transition week?
Steve Pan 2014-03-31
Toby -

Moderate weights that aren't going overboard should be good for this week.
J 2015-02-12
I'm assuming that the program as written isn't including warm up sets for each exercise? For example if I have 3 sets of power clean + front squat + clean + jerk is it ok to warm up to a moderate weight before doing my 3 working sets, or is it 3 sets total? Maybe a dumb question.
Steve Pan 2015-02-12
It is good to take warm up sets leading up to the 3 working sets.
J 2015-02-13
Thank you Steve
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