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Monday December 13 2010
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Travis snatch
  • Warm-up series - 2 snatch long pull + 2 snatch push press + 2 overhead squats - 4 sets
  • Power snatch + OHS + snatch (2 sec pause in bottom) - 5 sets
  • Push press + jerk behind neck + jerk (5 sec hold in split) - 5 sets
  • Jerk dip squat - 5 x 3
3 sets; no rest:
A1. Weighted back extension x 10
A2. Weighted planks - front/side x 10 sec hold

Week 1 of 11

Weights this week should be a challenge, but definitely not maximal for any of the sets. Jerk dip squat should be around 80-100% of your best jerk. Position must be perfect.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Schon 2010-12-12
Do we link the individual lifts consecutively in each set, as in the warmup? If so, are your athletes using 1 weight for each set, or are they changing weights for each individual exercise within the set?
Cain Morano 2010-12-13
I dig the warm up series! I did a mixed series on Friday night with 65 pounds, followed by the snatch and c&j (60% to 100% of past max). I think some of them need more weight, like the jerk series (Push press + jerk behind neck + jerk) would be better with 95, just because that move feels better with something pushing back. But I like the range of motion and continuity of these barbell complexes. I saw more technical weaknesses with the complexes than with the classic lifts.
Greg Everett 2010-12-13
Schon - If I understand your question correctly, yes, those are complexes. E.g. on the first one, you would do 1 power snatch, keep the bar overhead and do 1 OHS, lower the bar to the floor and do 1 snatch; that would constitute one set. So you would use a single weight.
Greg Everett 2010-12-13
Cain - The weight is up to you. With that complex, you should certainly be able to go heavier than with one involving a Sots press, for example. When I say light, I'm not referring to any specific numbers. In some cases, like the one you point out, 95 lbs is very light.
Schon 2010-12-13
Thanks for the clarification on the complexes.
Also, can the Performance Menu be given as a gift or does the end user have to set up an account?
Greg Everett 2010-12-13
Schon - If you want to give it as a gift, purchase it in your name and then just email us to change the subscriber account info.
Jojo 2010-12-13
Hi Greg,

what is the jerk split squat? I couldn't find a video on that. I'll be doing this in an hour, I'll check back then in hopes for a response.. thanks!
Greg Everett 2010-12-13
Jojo - Jerk dip squat
Jojo 2010-12-13
Ok thanks..

WU: 45# bar, 55#, 65#, 75#
P Sn+OHS+Sn: 75#,85#,95#,105#,115#
PP+Jerk+Split Jerk: 125#, 135#
Jerk Dip Squat: 135#

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