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Monday December 20 2010
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Diane front squat
  • Warm-up series - 2 snatch long pull + 2 snatch push press + 2 overhead squats - 4 sets
  • Power snatch + OHS + snatch (2 sec pause in bottom of OHS and snatch) x 5 sets
  • Push press + jerk behind neck + jerk (5 sec hold in split) x 5 sets
  • Jerk dip squat - 5 x 3
3 sets; no rest:
10 1-arm KB swings per arm
10 1-arm KB push press per arm
10 sit-ups

Add weight to all exercises from last week. Be smart about your increases - make the weights challenging, but remember that every rep of every set must be done as close to perfectly as possible. You don't need to increase equally among exercises.

Week 2 of 11

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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David Boyle 2010-12-20

I'm having a problem bringing the weight behind my neck after the push press. Are these supposed to mirror a "complex"?

Greg Everett 2010-12-20
David - There's no Josh here. These aren't supposed to mirror complexes; they are complexes. Keep practicing bringing the bar down. You should be able to lower a pretty big chunk of your best push press.
David Boyle 2010-12-20

Man my mad...don't know where that came from.

I figured that. This was day (1) of following your programming and I just noticed what I wasn't comfortable with. Going to continue to press on.

Thanks Greg!
Mike Maruffi 2010-12-21
Power snatch + OHS + snatch: 165-185-185-205-210

Push Press + jerk behind neck + jerk: 185-205-205-225-235

Jerk dip squats: 315 x 3 x 5

For the complexes, should we stick to a single weight for all sets or continue adding weight each set?

Thanks again for the programming.

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