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Tuesday December 21 2010
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69kg women's winners at the 2010 American Open
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Schon 2010-12-21
In this/these programs where would you work in a deadlift workout? I am coming from a "power bodybuilding" routine where I did deadlifts on back day. With Oly lifting Iam realizing their are no "back days".

Maybe at the end of the Saturday workout?
Greg Everett 2010-12-21
Schon - Every day is back day in weightlifting. If you want to add deadlifts, I would do it either on Thursday or Saturday. If the weight and volume you're planning is pretty high, Saturday would be better.
Schon 2010-12-21
Yes after 30 years of lifting I have never squatted or pulled so much as I have over the past month. Nice.
It's funny how it has taken getting "old"(40) to be able to embrace other methods of weightlifting and conditioning.

Thanks again
Kyle 2010-12-21
If you don't feel your back on those segment pulls you must be doing them wrong!
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