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Wednesday December 22 2010
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Warren deadlift
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Jeff Gainok 2010-12-22
I would like to get your opinion on a training question if I may. I will be brief as I know there is probably a better forum for this.
I am M/34/200, who has competed in the crossfit games as a member of a team for the past two years and I plan to tha year as well. My weakness Has always been oly weightlfting so I dedicated this winter to concentrating on that firts with Burg's 12 week plan and now have been following your awesome site for over 2 months now. I have made gains, but still believe my oly lifts need more work, currently snatch 187lb, and CJ 250 which is weak sauce for a 200lb athlete. Sorry about the long run up to the question.
I know you do not recomend combining your programing with anything else, but I needed some increased game prep type stuff, so I have been trying to incorporate OPT training as well, but I am unsure of the volume of each site to perform in order to maximize my goals. Any advice would be really helpful. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Very Respectfully,
Greg Everett 2010-12-22
Jeff - Your options and what would be wise depends on where you're coming up short - are your lifts where they are because of strength or technique? What is your best back squat, front squat and deadlift?
Jeff Gainok 2010-12-22
I think it may be a little of both. BS 375 and FS 315, DL 450.
Jeff 2010-12-22
As far as metcon goes, just finished OPT 12,9,6 - 155 squat clean and muscle up in 13:08. That was after your oly workout this am. So I am running a day ahead of you so I am supposed to heavy snatch and clean tommorow am? Thanks for your input Greg
jolie 2010-12-22
that song kicks ass
Greg Everett 2010-12-22
Jeff - Definitely pushing those basic strength lift numbers up will help. A 250 clean with a 315 front squat is not bad at all - about 80%. The better you become with the lifts, the closer that will get to 85-90%.So to answer your question better, doing OPT's programming would probably good, and then adding just the snatch/clean/jerk-related parts of my program - this will be more technical in nature, and OPT's training will handle the strength and conditioning elements.
Jeff 2010-12-22
Awesome advice Greg. I will begin that programing tomorrow am. I sent you an email also with some further info, I did not want to clog up your comment section. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
William Jefferies 2010-12-22
Greg -

I just want to bust your balls a little. Is that a Hammer Strength shirt your rocking at the end of the video?

O-lifting badasses don't rock Hammer Strength?
Jojo 2010-12-23
been travelling this week and so all I was able to do today was the following:
WU: 65#
PC+FS+C/J: 135, 155(2), 175(2)
HSHP 4x4: 155#

Jeff, great comments. I'm learning. I got to check the OPT site and have decided to give that a try as well. I, too, am looking for something to help me focus on not just my Oly lifts but to increase my strength and metcon capacity to prepare for competition next year-- in particular, the Masters. I've been working on my Oly lifts the past 4 months and have seen a vast improvement due to CA's programming. This current cycle is particularly important for me as it focuses on position and technique. So, the combination, as Greg puts it, sounds like a solid advice.

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