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Thursday December 23 2010
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Aimee overhead squat
  • Warm-up series - 2 clean long pull + 2 front squat + 2 clean Sots press x 4 sets
  • Clean segment pull (1", knee, hip, finish) + clean pull - (1+1) x 2 x 4 sets
  • Clean & jerk - 65% x (3 + 1) x 5
  • Snatch balance - 5 x 3
6 sets; no rest:
5 KB snatch/arm
5 Turkish get-up sit-up/arm

Add weight to the clean segment pulls and snatch balances from last week, but remember, not more than allows excellent execution of each rep.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Jeff Gainok 2010-12-23
Did Saturday's, as I am a day ahead.

Snatch 175 (93% of 1RM) Really did not drop into deep squat, looks like pulling drills are starting to kick in.
C/J 235 (94% of 1RM) Felt like a small press out. Really need to work, bar straight up and down. Worked push jerk until was at 85% of 1RM then started splitting.

Felt good, think shoulder and mobility drills are starting to pay off. Happy Holidays!!


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