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Monday December 27 2010
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Photo by Eddie Clark
  • Warm-up series - 2 snatch long pull + 2 snatch push press + 2 overhead squats - 4 sets
  • Power snatch + OHS + snatch (2 sec pause in bottom of OHS and snatch) x 5 sets
  • Push press + jerk behind neck + jerk (5 sec hold in split) x 5 sets
  • Jerk dip squat - 5 x 3
3 sets; no rest:
10 sandbag power clean
10 hanging leg raise

Week 3 of 11

Add weight to all exercises today. Next week will be a lighter week, so push your weight increases this week.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Jojo 2010-12-27
WU: 65#
PwrSn+OHS+snatch(w/2sec pause)x5: 95(2), 105(2), 115
PP+Jerk behind neck + Jerk (w/5sec pause in split) x5: 135#
Jerk Dip Squat 5x3: 135(2), 185

Not really sure what weights I should use but thought it's best to do them at 60-70%. Hope I did this right.

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