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Tuesday January 4 2011
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Aimee clean
  • Warm-up series - 2 snatch long pull + 2 overhead squat + 2 Sots press x 3 sets
  • Snatch - 65% x 3 x 4
  • Snatch pull - 3 x 3 - use weight from last week's segment pulls
  • Snatch push press + OHS - 4 x 2+1
5 sets (5 min total):
KB clean + push press x 20 seconds/arm
20 sec rest

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Schon 2011-01-03
Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a good start to your New Year. On the segmented lifts should the weight be over our max weight.

Also, is the "pause" in the pause squat at the bottom?

Greg Everett 2011-01-03
Schon -The weight on the segment lifts will totally depend on the lifter. The better you are, the lighter they will be relative to your best snatch/CJ. If you're not technically great at the lifts, you'll be able to use a lot more weight in related strength exercises.Yes, pause is in the bottom of the squat.
kip 2011-01-04
First my screen name has nothing to do with pullups.

Wow the pull up issue. The butterfly is like Greg said: for experienced games level athletes. I agree on all aspects of this little piece except the injury portion. I am not sure, so I will not be quick to judge, but I will say the butterfly is not optimal for performance.

Every one who has has not seen GREGS ARTICLE (LINKED ON THE MAINPAGE) should read it. This article was written while Greg still drinking a little bit of Kool Aid.

So this blog post should be an example for others. Remember CF pushed Greg to the side. Greg did not dis CF here today, just showed a better thought process behind a controversial subject. And how to manage the controversial movements.

Great read
Jon Clarke 2011-01-04
Hey Greg,

Thanks for putting the videos of Dan John and Mr. Grimes up. I enjoy the knoledge they are inparting.
Can you please put up more of them? Please?!.....

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