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Wednesday January 5 2011
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Travis back squat
  • Warm-up series - 2 push press + 2 jerk behind neck + 2 press behind neck in split - 3 sets
  • Power clean + front squat + clean + jerk (3 sec pause in split) - 4 sets
  • Hang snatch high-pull, flat-footed - 3 x 4
  • Front squat - 5 x 3 with last week's weight
3 sets; no rest:
10 KB cross-chops/side
10 DB chainsaw rows

Reduce weight on clean & jerk complex and high pull by 10% from last week.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Caleb 2011-01-05
holy shit Travis. that's some serious weight.
Steve S. 2011-01-05

I have a question regarding programming, and the frequency of squat cycles. After having just completed the most recent strength cycle you programmed for this site, would it be ill-advised for me to start another squat cycle. I feel like strength is the largest limiting factor for me at the moment. Thank you.
Greg Everett 2011-01-05
Steve - There's nothing wrong with doing multiple consecutive squat/strength cycles, although it's best not to repeat the same one twice in a row.
Steve S. 2011-01-05
Thanks Greg. I was considering using the Hatch program similar to what you posted for Steve Pan, but adjusting the assistance work to meet my needs. Thanks again!

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