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Tuesday January 18 2011
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Steve rack pull
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Max 2011-01-18
Hi there,

I have been following your program since the middle of the previous cycle.

I've never done Segment Pulls or Snatch Pulls before the past 7 weeks, so here is my question:

Which weight is usually recommended for the SegPulls and the Snatch Pulls (for the clean, also) referring to your Snatch/Clean 1 RM ?

Have a good one,

Greg Everett 2011-01-18
Max - With a more experienced lifter, you'd be looking in the 70-90% range. But I don't prescribed a percentage because there's way too much variation among most groups of lifters to get them all right.
Paul 2011-01-18
Hey Greg,

I've been experiencing a pain in my calves(lateral side of gastrocnemius..radiates close to anterior tibialis)It's more prevalent on my left side. Have you ever had one of your lifters experience this? If so what actions did you take aside from obvious rest time...Also, any ideas where this stems from? I've been trying to stretch it out but it's a bugger to try and get to, so I've been using a foam roller and Indian rubber ball, plus ice. Btw I love this site! Keep up the good work!

Greg Everett 2011-01-18
Paul - I've definitely seen the peroneals light up in some people, me included. Seems to just arise from ankle mobility issues and/or too much unsupported bouncing the bottom of the squat, i.e. bombing down to the bottom and slamming the ankles into end range. Pay attention to that, and keep up with the rolling and ice. I also got some response to cold laser and ultrasound if you have access to that stuff.
Greg M. 2011-01-18
Greg -
For tomorrow's conditioning, I don't have access to a rower. Available options: running, jump rope, stationary bike, elliptical, KB stuff. Any suggestions for a sub?

Paul -
Had the same issue back in the Fall (sore peroneals, tibaialixs posterior leading to soreness at arch). Greg's is the first explanation I've seen for it -- makes sense. Ice and rolling worked great for me. I used a lacrosse ball, primarily. Hang in there.
Paul 2011-01-18
Greg E. & Greg M.,

Thanks so much for your response. I will definitely pay attention to the bouncing at the bottom of the squat..I did some ultrasound last week...it helped, but after a few workouts I noticed it started bothering me again...I will look into the cold laser. The icing seems to be working, but slowly...I just have to stay on top of it. Thanks again for the help.

Greg Everett 2011-01-18
Greg -

I would do jump rope or bike, maybe about a minute/set.
Max 2011-01-18
Thank you! :D
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