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Monday January 24 2011
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Travis back squat
  • Warm-up series - 2 snatch long pull + 2 snatch push press + 2 overhead squats - 4 sets
  • Power snatch + OHS (2 sec pause in bottom of OHS and snatch) + snatch x 5 sets
  • Push press + jerk behind neck + jerk (5 sec hold in split) x 5 sets
  • Jerk dip squat - 5 x 3
3 sets; no rest:
15 ring rows
15 ring push-ups

Add weight to all exercises from last week. This is the last week of loading for these exercises, so push the weights as much as you can.

Week 7 of 11

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Paul 2011-01-24
Hey Greg.

I'm just finishing your 5 week classic cycle. I'm competing Feb. 12, so I have a couple weeks left until competition day. Any ideas on what program I should continue to follow until competition time? This will be my first Oly lifting comp. Have competed in powerlifting before. I thought perhaps Burgener's 4 x week generic program may be alright for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Greg Everett 2011-01-24
Paul -Burgener's 4-day program would be a good choice. If you want to train a fifth day, make it a day where you work on your weak points with relatively light weights.
Paul 2011-01-24
Awesome! Thanks Greg. I'll keep you posted with results. Your programming has improved my lifts dramatically...Starting PR's prior to starting your 5 week classic cycle was Snatch 205 lbs, Clean & Jerk 275 lbs...current PR's are Snatch 245 lbs, Clean & Jerk 325 lbs. I have rack jerked 330 lbs as well, which is a huge PR for me. Thanks for everything!


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