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Thursday February 17 2011
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Dave clean pull
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justin 2011-02-17
First day here, looking to hit this hard for the next calendar year and see how far I can get. Lifts have a long way to go (Snatch 80, C&J 175...in lbs. Power SN at 130, Power Cln at 190).

If posting vids for form checks, what is the optimal angle?

CA Warmup
Snatch 70x1x3. Didn't get good receipt on third rep.
C&J 150x1x3. Last rep felt best, got bar highest and hips under quickest.
Hang Cln High Pull 140x3x3. Messed up and did 3 reps instead of 2.
Max Pulls & Push: 7/4/3 and 20/7/5. Wow, am I deconditioned. First round of pulls were kips.
PVC Roll

Flexibility is a huge issue for me. Not worried about the conditioning, I know that will come back in time. Need to make enough time to stretch every day after training and not pack it so tight that I have to run out like today.
Greg Everett 2011-02-17
RE videos: oblique angle from the front
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