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Saturday February 26 2011
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Kara clean
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Primetime 2011-02-26
Bout to GET SOME
Matt 2011-11-16

I'm pretty new to Catalyst Athletics, but loving the resources you guys provide. Starting oly lifts in November 2011, but have not been training it exclusivly, have been mixing it in with unrelated training phases. I decided to get serious and I am going to do my first (low-level) competition in March 2012.

Would this cycle be appropriate for leading up to the competition, with this workout being the subbed for the competition?

My current PRs are: -

Snatch - 70kg (154lbs)
Clean & Jerk - 95kg (209lbs)

Thanks in advance

Greg Everett 2011-11-17
Matt -If you need a lot of technical work, yes, this would be a good one. I've seen this cycle provide big gains. It does required you be pretty intuitive about loading, etc. so just pay attention and don't kill yourself by trying to overdo it, but at the same time, make sure you're working hard enough.
Ben 2013-12-28
I just finished up week 8 of this program this morning and I am loving it. I am very curious as to where my maxes will be because when I started I could barely snatch an empty bar. I have every intention of restarting after I finish. I love the complexes!

I was snatching comfortably at 50kg and CJing comfortably at 75kg, not impressive but like I said, when I started I could barely move the empty bar.
Justin 2015-07-06
I intend to start this cycle next week, after having finished the 4-Week Leg Strength (Block I) cycle. Can I at least expect to maintain my new back squat PR throughout this cycle? I'd hate to lose all the strength I just gained!
Steve Pan 2015-07-06
Justin -

You should be good to maintain that strength, and in non-squat centric cycles you will focus on aiming that strength toward the olympic lifts.
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