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Monday April 4 2011
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Jocelyn power snatch
  • Jerk - 4RM; 90% x 4 x 2
  • Push Press - 5RM; 90% x 5 x 2
  • Back Squat - 5RM; 90% x 5 x 4
  • Bent row - 5RM; 90% x 5 x 2
  • Unanchored sit-ups - 3 x max reps
Week 1 of 9

In this cycle, % prescriptions following any "RM" are percents of the weight used for that rep maximum; e.g. "Jerk - 4RM; 90% x 4 x 2" means you take the jerk up to the heaviest set of 4 you can manage, then use 90% of that weight for 2 more sets of 4 reps.

This week, don't take the rep maxes to absolute max effort - push hard, but finish with a bit left in the tank. Next week your goal will be to beat the numbers from this week.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Clay 2011-04-04
Greg-Thank you for putting in the time to provide such a great resource. I was just wondering what the primary focus of this cycle was going to be.
Greg Everett 2011-04-04
Clay -

Strength emphasis, but there will still be a good amount of classic lifts.
Clay 2011-04-05
Thank you Greg, and thanks again for all you do.
Adal 2011-10-26
few series do or how many reps
to reach 4 RM.??

when it states for example:
5 RM deadlift snatch?
Greg Everett 2011-10-26
Adal -As many as you need to get there. You can do fewer reps during the warm-up sets if you want. For example do sets of 2-3 reps until you reach a weight you think will be about your 5RM.
Olly 2013-04-14
I assume it is ok to do some light technical work on the classics before doing the workout. A few light doubles at 50-60%?
Steve Pan 2013-04-17
Olly -

It should be okay to do some light technique work before the workout.
Nicole 2014-05-06
What do you mean by jerk? Power or split?
Steve Pan 2014-05-06
Jerk will always be split unless otherwise specified.
Nick Gaines 2014-07-15
Great cycle. This was the first ever WL-specific cycle I did. I completed it as prescribed and saw solid gains. Even more so, my technique got a lot more consistent.

I have an athlete who can only lift 3x per week. Do you have any suggestions as to how this could be modified to a 3 day per week cycle? Or do you have another recommended cycle for a beginner lifter that would be appropriate for 3 days per week?
Greg Everett 2014-07-15
Nick -

Remove anything the lifter doesn't really need and move the needed exercises from Tue/Thu to Mon/wed. If you need to keep it minimal, you can just eliminate Tue/Thu workouts.
Nick Gaines 2014-07-16
Thanks Coach. That's what I was thinking too, but its good to know for sure! I appreciate the reply.

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