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Friday June 3 2011
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Jocelyn snatch
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John Joseph 2011-06-03
The sprained wrist i sustained a couple weeks ago is looking more like a tear, but will know more after my MRI next week. I have no problem/pain whatsoever when my wrist is in a neutral position and have squatted and deadlifted free of pain. I was looking for as much guidance as possible in a forum like this regarding structuring my workout around squatting, deadlifting, and other pulling exercises i.e. frequency, loads. If you could help with a loose framework I am confident i could fill in the rest. I was thinking about doing a basic strength program like 5-3-1 without the pushing exercises. Any thoughts? Thnaks for your help it is much appreciated.
Greg Everett 2011-06-03
John - Sorry to hear about your wrist. I think because you're limited to squatting and pulling type work, 5/3/1 would be a bit limiting - you're only squatting and DLing once weekly each. I would go with some kind of canned squat program to really push your legs and throw in some pulling with it. Without overhead/pressing work and the full lifts, you'll be able to handle a lot more squat/pull work.

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