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Saturday June 4 2011
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Dion jerk
  • Snatch - max
  • Clean & Jerk - max
  • Front or Back squat - max
Rest 10 minutes between lifts, but stay warm.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Greg M. 2011-06-04

Great finish to this cycle. I set PR's in both my Snatch (up 4.6%) and in my C&J (up 5.1%).

Quick question about Monday: Can you provide some specific guidance on the 3rd movement (sounds like a complex, but I suspect not)?

Thanks for your guidance.
Greg M. 2011-06-04
Never mind. I think I was able to piece together what we're supposed to do from the videos..
Clara 2011-06-28
It's much easier to udnresatnd when you put it that way!
Jean-Benoit 2013-12-21
Just finished the complete program.
Front squat: from 225 to 305 lbs
Back Squat: from 275 to 335 lbs
Clean & Jerk: from 235 to 255 lbs (from 235 clean to 255 power clean)
Power Snatch: from 185 to 205 lbs

Thanks a lot for those PRs. Any suggestion on the next program I should do to get better PRs for my Snatch and C&J?

Thank you,

Jean-Benoit 2013-12-21
Snatch: From 185 to a shaky 195 :(

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