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Monday June 13 2011
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Aimee pull
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Greg M. 2011-06-13
How many weeks will be in this cycle, and what is the emphasis?

Lifting felt good this morning.
EFS 2011-06-13
Hello Greg,

Question - what are your thoughts about box squats. I ask because I have lost significant range of motion around my right knee over the years due to an old injury and subsequent arthritis. I can box squat without pain but am I just wasting my time?


Greg Everett 2011-06-13
Greg - 21 weeks, but there will be be a bit of a taper every 7 wks for sn/cj. First phase will be  more squatting/pressing emphasis, second more pulling emphasis, and final more sn/cj emphasis.
Greg Everett 2011-06-13
EFS - I have no problem with box squatting if it works for what you want to accomplish. If you're prepping for the snatch and CJ, it's not going to be as great of a choice. However, if it's what your able to do with your knee, you may just have to work with it.
EFS 2011-06-13
Thanks for the input Greg. I don't like box squats nearly as much as full back squats but as you say, I just have to work with it. Better than no squatting at all. Again - thanks for the great programming.

Greg M. 2011-06-13
OK, thanks.

Long haul...Sounds like just what I need right now. Looking forward to results.
steve michael 2011-06-14
For the back squats which is better, a high bar position or a low bar position? which translates to the other lifts better?
Greg Everett 2011-06-14
Steve - High-bar.
Will 2011-06-14
When did this cycle start?
Michael K 2011-06-15
Will -

Monday, June 13, 2011.
steve michael 2011-06-17
for the percentages where do we get the numbers from? Is it all off of the clean and jerk or do we get the squat #'s from our max squat?
Michael K 2011-06-19
Steve -
Prescribed percentages are of the exercise they accompany unless noted otherwise. More specifics are available at http://cathletics.com/daily/about.php
Michael K 2011-06-19
...and on Monday's workout, it was "otherwise": From the notes after the movements, "The percentages that follow are of that heaviest set."
Jake 2012-01-14
During these heavy lift sets, do we keep possession of the bar the entire set for 8 heavy reps or press,rack,reset and press?
Greg Everett 2012-01-14
Jake - Hold the bar the whole time.
Nathan 2013-10-08
What is the proper way to figure out your heavy set?
Do you just keeping adding weight and doing the prescribed reps until it feels heavy? Or is there a weight for that exercise that we should now? Sorry if these are dumb dumb questions, I just need some help.
Steve Pan 2013-10-14
Nathan -

You will have to feel it out, maybe take a few sets at less then 5 reps and aim for a weight you can do for the 5. If you make it and feel like you could squeeze out another set at a higher weight, go for it.
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