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Tuesday June 14 2011
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Eric dead lift
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phil 2014-02-11
hi, are the 5 power cleans meant to be "touch and go" or 5 singles? so do i have to hold on to the bar all the time between the reps or can i drop the bar after each rep and reposition?
Steve Pan 2014-02-11
Never touch and go. EVER. Not even if there's a fire. You will reset on each rep but you want to get 5 in a row. You may drop the bar between reps. Don't take a super long break between reps.
phil 2014-02-12
good, that's what i thought, just wanted to double check. thanks!
Marina Gonzales 2015-10-28
Right now I am still not able to acheive strict pullups. Is there a good subsititute for this movement or should I try a program that doesnt have them?
Instead of working with no rest you may separate those into 3x10 and take your time and make good reps. I would recommend using your feet on a box to unload some of your body weight to work your way up to achieving a pull up. The "conditioning" segments of these cycles are optional but you may take this time to work on getting a pull up.

Steve Pan
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