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Saturday June 18 2011
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Aimee snatch
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steve michael 2011-06-17
where do we get the percentages for the front squat and good mornings?
steve michael 2011-06-17
Also after reading the article posted fot this day, i had a question on how you feel about adding stuff at the warm up. I follow the gwod and use it as a warm up because it changes every day and it usually gets me pretty good and warm for just about everything that i have done. what do ou all think of that?
Greg Everett 2011-06-17
Steve - The listed %s are of the heaviest set you work up to in that exercise, not of your current 1RM.No idea what the gwod is.
steve michael 2011-06-17
ok, sorry for all of the questions i am comming from doing strictly crossfit for a few years where it tells you pretty much how much weight to use and takes all of the thinking out of it. so is it that the 90% is just there so that is how the excerstiion is suspoised to feel? or do i work up to what feels like what 100% feels like for 1 on that day and back it down to do sets at 90%?
the gwod is the gymnastics wod that carl paoli puts up on his website.
Greg Everett 2011-06-18
Steve -

For example, "snatch - heavy 3, 90% x 3" means you're going to build up your snatch weights in triples until you reach what you feel is about the heaviest weight you can do that day for 3 reps. Note that this week shouldn't be an absolute maximal effort. When it says 3RM, that will mean you're pushing the weight as hard as possible. Once you've reached that heaviest weight for the day, you're going to drop back down to 90% of that for one triple. So if you made 100kg for your best triple, you'd then do a final set of 3 at 90kg.
Jamie 2011-06-18
What does heavy 3 + 1 mean? Just adding 1 more rep to the heavy 3?
Steve Pan 2011-06-18
The heavy 3+1 means the 3 cleans plus 1 jerk in those sets.
Jamie 2011-06-18
Great, thanks!!
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