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Wednesday June 29 2011
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Aimee snatch
  • Jerk dip squat + jerk - heavy 3+1, 95% x 3+1, 90% x 3+1
  • 1 1/4 OHS + snatch push press - heavy 2+4, 95% x 2+4, 90% x 2+4
  • Back squat - 95% of Mon x 4 x 3
  • Front squat - 80% of today's BS x 3 x 3
1 1/4 OHS + snatch push press: With the bar overhead, squat to the bottom, rise to just above the sticking point of your squat, return to the bottom, then stand completely; this is one of the 2 OHS reps. After the second, lower the bar to your back and perform 4 snatch push presses. This series is one set.

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ken c 2011-06-29
okay the collected training video soundtrack of kansas made me think of this old video. this girl is 10 i think.


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