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Thursday June 30 2011
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Audra prep
  • Power snatch - heavy 4, 95% x 4, 90% x 4
  • Snatch pull - heavy 6, 95% x 6, 90% x 6
  • Jerk split squat - heavy 6, 95% x 6, 90% x 6
4 sets; no rest:
12 pull-ups
12 dips

Jerk split squat: Rack the bar on your back as you would for a back squat and step into your jerk split receiving position. Squat from approximately straight knees to the depth at which you would receive a heavy jerk - not to a full depth lunge position. Repeat on your non-jerk-leg side as well for balance.

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Daron 2011-07-02
First time NOOB here. Quick question. How much time do your athletes rest for something like 95% x4 Power Snatch? I can only do 4 sets of 1 with rest in between.

I am not used to training at 95%-ish levels, so even for something like the back squat, I was only able to do 2 reps at 95% of my 1RM, for Monday's 6/27's 95% x 6.

Should I decrease the % or just do as many sets until I can hit 6 next time?


Daron 2011-07-05
Never Mind, I figured it out reading past questions. Thanks, though!

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