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Tuesday July 5 2011
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Steve clean
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Jenn Holm 2011-07-05
Looking for some feedback on my Snatch technique. I've just started this cycle and am 5 days into the first week. I feel like I'm slow on the turnover and not keeping the bar close enough. Any input is appreciated. Thank you so much for the great programming Greg! Your recent article on Stability Overhead was super helpful! http://vimeo.com/26046425
Greg Everett 2011-07-06
Jenn - Your turnover is actually pretty good - the main problem is just before that. You're in too much of a hurry and already starting to pull the bar up with your arms as it passes your knees, so it never comes into the hips. Let the weight stretch your arms long and engage your back to pull the bar back into your upper thighs/hips -it needs to actually come into contact with your body as you complete your extension at the top. Teach yourself that movement and position by standing tall with the bar at arms' length with your weight on the heels, legs approximately vertical, and shoulders slightly behind your hips. The bar will be in full contact with your hips (has to be because your shoulders are behind it where they should be). From this simulated finish position, slide slowly down until the bar is just above your knees - the shins should be approaching vertical, weight toward the heels, and shoulders directly above the bar or very slightly in front of it. From here make sure your arms are relaxed and slide back up into the simulated finish position. Practice this as much as needed to get the feel, then start doing snatch deadlifts from the floor, focusing on maintaining the correct position, bar proximity and finish position. Then you can try a few different complexes such as a snatch deadlift + snatch, snatch deadlift + snatch pull + snatch, hang snatch + snatch, etc. Ultimately what you're looking to do is actually get your hips and knees fully involved in the acceleration of the bar - right now you're not getting anywhere near their potential.
Jenn Holm 2011-07-06
Wow thank you so much Greg! You're so right about being in a hurry. I can feel it, I almost feel anxious and I just want to giver! I can't wait to get busy with all of your suggestions. So if I'm doing this current cycle should I work these snatch complexes in at certain times? Really looking forward to working with you and your team in person one day! A million thanks again for everything.
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